August 15

Usable Spaces: Tips for Creating Functional and Beautiful Rooms

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It should be an easy combination, but function and beauty don’t always come together in the rooms of your home. That personal office space doesn’t work like you’d hoped, and the kids’ rooms are barely controlled chaos. Even the kitchen needs some help, so identify how you really want to use an area, and apply a few inexpensive strategies.

How often do you get up from your home office looking for papers and supplies? Shelving is

June 26

Decorative Accent Overload: How Much Is Really Too Much?

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When you are decorating your home, you should keep the decor simple. If you add too many pieces to the room, you run the risk of making it look cluttered. This is not the effect you want to create. The room should look clean and organized. It is easy to add too many items in a room when you’re excited about the project. The best way to avoid this is to find photos online of rooms

June 23

Blending Your Home Appliances In With The Rest Of Your Dcor

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Home appliances that used to seem like an eyesore now come in sleek designs that blend in with the rest of your home’s decor. Even large machines, like washers and dryers, dishwashers and ovens can be customized to fit the color scheme in your kitchen. Trashcans and other unsightly home furnishings can be concealed in decorative cabinets or behind doors that blend in with the rest of the cabinetry.

Home entertainment centers and stereo systems usually come in black or silver, but if you’d prefer them in a wood paneling so that they fit in better with your furnishings and wall colors, you can purchase them in a wood paneling pattern, white or even bright colors. Even home security systems can blend in naturally with your home with the option to appear conspicuous or covert.

Check out hard-wired or wireless systems and other home security features at http://www.homesecurity101.com/home-security-systems/ to find systems that fit your home’s style and your lifestyle. New technology, such as home automation and remote monitoring let you use your smartphone to control your system. So instead of bulky equipment all over your house, you can streamline all the security processes into one place – your phone or tablet. Customize your appliances and electrical products to match your home, just like you do your paint colors.

June 13

Designer Tricks for Making Your Space Feel More Cohesive

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Remodeling your home on your own is not as difficult as it may seem. You can easily update your kitchen and bathroom with simple steps such as replacing the countertops and flooring. There are craft paints available that can make your countertops look like real granite or marble. You can also install vinyl floor tile that looks like real wood. Browse your local home improvement store to see the latest styles in cabinets and flooring. You can get great deals on new flooring by watching for promotions and sales. Carpet that is old and dingy

June 1

Three Tips for Creating Usable and Beautiful Space Plans

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Creating a beautiful space inside your home is a matter of preference. Choose home decor items that reflect your style and tastes. If you want to create more space, consider getting rid of extra furniture that may be cluttering the room. The best way to organize your space is clear the room. Move furniture and other items into another room. This will help you start over and create a new space. If you have lived in

May 17

Choosing the Perfect Throw Rug for Any Interior Space

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To dress up hard floors and make the interior more cozy, throw rugs are perfect. The styles of area rugs and mats enhance the decor. With the following tips, homeowners can select the perfect throw rug for any space.

Comforting High Pile

Soft and luxurious, high pile like sheepskins is comforting and relaxing. They are best beside the bed or in the middle of the living room or den floor. High traffic areas like between rooms and in entryways are not good for

May 14

Changing the Look of a Room With Lighting

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Have you ever wanted to make over your room without spending a lot of money? One way that you can do this is by changing the lighting. The lighting in a room will depend on what you use the room for. The kitchen is a room that should be bright because almost every member of the family will be in it at some point during the day. This is the room where your family will have meals and talk about the day. Fluorescent bulbs are great to use, and they are

May 11

Giving Your Room a Custom Look With Home Dcor

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Improving the look of your home can be done inexpensively. Consider adding a vibrant paint color to the walls for a different look. Paint is inexpensive and you can quickly complete a room on the weekend. If you want to add the look of wood floors, you can create the look by buying inexpensive wood planks that are made out of vinyl. These planks make the room look great. An average room should cost under 300 if you do it yourself. You can find

May 8

The Best Places for Finding Great Home Dcor Bargains

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Home decor bargains can be found in a variety of places such as online or at your local home improvement store. Items such as paintings, wall coverings and lamps can change the look of a room. These items are frequently found on sale. Search online for home decor bargains that include free shipping. The spring and summer sales are also a good time to buy items to decorate your home. Paint is inexpensive and can change the look of a room. Add rugs to your home to create interest. Wallpaper is also an inexpensive way to change

May 5

Choosing the Perfect Throw Pillows for Your Dcor

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You’ve seen them. They stand in perfectly-plumped arrangement across the sofas of the most beautiful home interior photo spreads. We’re talking throw pillows, those decorative, comfy, inviting accessories that can take a blah room and give it pop.

How to arrive at choosing and arranging the perfect throw pillow? Try these simple techniques:

Look for contrast. A pillow of the same color and material as the seat it is on, becomes invisible. Select colors for your